A Principle A Day! First up: Co-Creation.

Warm greetings! In anticipation for our upcoming August convening in Minneapolis, MN, we will be posting short reflections this week on our guiding principles. Take a daily moment to reflect on these principles in your own life and evaluative practice, and consider diving deeper with us this August!

Day 1: Co-Creation

Develops the innovation and evaluation together – interwoven, interdependent, iterative, and co-created – so that developmental evaluation becomes part of the change process.

  • It’s vital to make time developing and revisiting shared understandings of values, principles, and other key concepts.

  • Trusted relationships are the business of Developmental Evaluation and the basis of the collaborative and developmental process inherent in innovation.  

Questions to ask ourselves:

  • Do we understand the differences in power in a particular situation?

  • How can we gain more insight or understanding about this?

  • What responsibilities do we have in relation to this power?

  • How do we acknowledge the history, experience and wisdom that exists within the current situation?