August 16-17 , 2018: 2-Day Inaugural Workshop


The need for people in communities and organisations to innovate has never been greater, as we face local, regional, national and global challenges to our way of lives, our environments and our cultures. Developmental evaluation supports practitioners and people in communities and organisations to develop and innovate, as well as to track, monitor and evaluate in real time, as initiatives are developing. Developmental Evaluation offers a fresh approach to evaluating social innovation and community-led change. Using a set of guiding principles, rather than rules, Developmental Evaluation is situational, contextual, culturally responsive, and ethical.  

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The Invitation

We invite you to attend the inaugural convening of the Developmental Evaluation Institute.  During this interactive 2-day workshop, participants will engage with each other and with the guiding principles, learning what it means to facilitate and practice developmental evaluation for social justice using principles as guides. 

Why attend?

This 2-day workshop aims to take a deep dive into the practice of developmental evaluation, exploring, unpacking and engaging participants in what it means to practice evaluation using principles as guides. Participants will be equipped with the confidence, mind-set and motivation, as well as with new skills and tools to engage in developmental evaluation practice in their own settings.

Who should attend?

The workshop for anyone working in the field of social change and social justice who engages with evaluation: evaluation practitioners, program staff, government officials, community members, and funders. For the learning to be really deep, meaningful, and practical, we encourage those attending to come with another person you work or practice with regularly so that you apply learning and reflect on it together when you return to your everyday work and life.


How will the Workshop be organised?

The learning will be designed to be highly participatory, relational, and will include experiential opportunities to reinforce and challenge thinking and practice.  There will be a strong emphasis on creativity as a mode for learning as well as an approach for evaluation.



    Learning outcomes

    After the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Understand where developmental evaluation can be used
    • Understand how to use principles as guides for innovation and evaluation
    • Apply the developmental evaluation principles in their own contexts
    • Critically unpack and examine their own values and principles in a way that enhances their evaluation practice and other’s experience of evaluation
    • Apply and use several cutting edge developmental evaluation tools and methods.

    Location + Dates

    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   |   August 16-17, 2018


    Developmental Evaluation Institute co-founders Kate McKegg, Nora Murphy, Nan Wehipeihana will be joined by Jane Davidson and A. Rafael Johnson. Additional facilitators to be announced soon. See the facilitators' bios here.


    The Convening costs $695.00 USD for two days, including a light continental breakfast and lunch. See the tentative schedule and session descriptions here.

    How to REGISTER

    There are three stages to the registration process:

    1. Read the terms and conditions.

    2. Register online for the workshop: Share basic information by clicking the Register Now! button. Places are only guaranteed once the fee is paid. 

    3. Confirmation of registration: Receive notification of registration and confirmation of payment.

    4. Sign-up for sessions. Once registered, you will be able to sign up for sessions and an optional ignite presentation.  See the tentative schedule and session descriptions here.

    Registration closes when the workshop is full, or on August  1, 2018, whichever comes first.


    Spread the word! Please invite your colleagues and friends!