The DEI: What We Offer

Online Training and Certification

Online courses will consist of eight 1-hour sessions over 16-weeks, and include all materials and resources. Each course will be limited to 12 participants. The cost is $400 per person. Full and partial scholarships available. Stay tuned for registration for all courses.

Upcoming Courses:

Evaluation Basics  

  • Valuing and Evaluation, April - July 2019
  • Combining evidence and values, Sept - Dec 2019
  • Evidence and reasoning for evaluation, April - July 2020
  • TBD, February - May 2020

Developmental Evaluation  

  • Developmental Evaluation Basics, April - July 2019
  • Intro to DE tools, Sept - Dec 2019
  • Reflecting on practice in the field - Exploring DE Cases, April - July 2020
  • Reclaiming cultural sovereignty in the age of innovation, February - May 2020

DEI Ways of Working

  • Creative evaluation, April - July 2019
  • Spirituality, reconciliation, and healing, Sept - Dec 2019
  • Critiquing the world through love and artistic expression, April - July 2020
  • Facilitation without judgement, February - May 2020

Principles-Driven Work

  • Principles-focused evaluation basics, April - July 2019
  • Principles-focused evaluator basics, Sept - Dec 2019
  • Principles-driven world views, April - July 2020
  • TBD, February - May 2020

Community of Interest

Interested in learning more about Developmental Evaluation (DE)? Check out our online resource library for all kinds of good information, from the basics, to case studies, to specific thoughts on DE for social justice.

Also, be sure to follow our blog for new opportunities, musings, and other information.

Coming Soon:

We can't wait to release our inaugural DEI e-Anthology for social justice!

In-person Workshop Facilitation 

All of our online coursework can be offered as in-person workshops. One facilitator per 24 participants costs $3,000 per facilitator per day. More than 48 participants has an additional support cost of $1,000. Travel costs not included. 

Capacity Development and Coaching

Ten hours of virtual coaching starts at $2,500. Costs increase with travel and project complexity.

Our expertise and coaching experience Includes: Developmental Evaluation, Principles-Focused Evaluation, Creative Evaluation, Principles-Driven Leadership, Culturally Responsive Evaluation, Arts-Based Evaluation.

Coming Soon:

  • We will launch an in-person Community of Practice in New Zealand in 2019. Stay tuned for details.